The Money Pro$: January 2014

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WNAC) – There’s no greater potential threat to wealth than the cost of healthcare. Costs are rising quickly, and insurance can be expensive and difficult to obtain.

And now that the Affordable Care Act has become a reality, the landscape has changed radically.

On this episode of The Money Pros, we have a panel of experts to help you make sense of the radically changing healthcare industry.

Our Tax pro, Greg Porcaro, joins us in Part One to discuss the taxes that come with healthcare costs. Greg is a CPA and partner with Otrando Porcaro Associates.

In Part Two, we have Jason Lea, a senior vice president with Brokers Service Marketing Group. He discusses the ins and outs of the long-term care insurance marketplace.

Finally, Jason and Greg will join our special guest, HealthSourceRI Director Christine Ferguson, at The Money Pros expert roundtable to continue discussing healthcare and to answer a viewer question.

Southern New England can be a wonderful place to live and raise a family, but – with high wax rates and cold winters – many folks have relocation in their retirement plans.

On this episode of The Money Pros, we speak with Karen Delponte – an attorney and partner with Cameron and Mittleman and our resident Estate Planning Pro – and our Mortgage Pro, Steve Tetzner of Homestar Mortgage.

You can’t move to another state unless you have someplace to live. Scott Tetzner joined the show the discuss some of the issues surrounding the purchase of an out-of-state home.

Plus, how will moving to another state impact a buyer’s estate planning strategy? That’s when Karen Delponte comes in.

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